Artist Statement:


I am a photographer from the Netherlands, based in Landsmeer. Besides photography I work in health care as a physio- and manual therapist. Photography is my escape from the fast paced life we lead. When I set out to photograph a landscape I usually look for a minimalistic setting that portrays a scene without the surperfluous information that only disrupts the harmony of a landscape. I tend to use a lot of negative space to emphasize the quiet and to show the bare essence of a landscape. I often use a palette of subtle and pastel colors in combination with the use of long exposure photography to create a minimalistic fine art composition. For me less is more.


I hope to create moments of quiet and wonder with my photography in a very busy and hectic world. Characteristic for my work is the tranquility of it. By searching for this tranquil composition I find my own peace of mind.


The work shown on this website can be bought as a fine art print. If you are interested, please let me know by filling out the contact form.


Jeroen den Uijl, 2020