Artist Statement:


Photography is my escape from the fast paced life we lead. I usually look for a minimalistic setting that portrayes a scene without the surperfluous information that only disrupts the harmony of a landscape. I use a lot of negative space to emphasize the quiet and to show the bare essence of a landscape. I often use a palette of subtle and pastel colors in combination with the use of long exposure photography to create a minimalistic fine art composition. For me less really is more. 


I love the more extreme weather and overcast skies. It is then that for me a landscape presents itself at its best. Being out in there in more extreme conditions often gives me a feeling that I used to experience in the mountains: peace and harmony, quiet, and a sense of belonging. 


I hope to create moments of quiet and wonder with my photography in a very busy and hectic world. Characteristic for my work is the tranquility of it. By searching for this tranquil composition I find my own peace of mind.


My portrait photography is mainly in black and white. By now making use of black and white photography I find ones character is reflected more so. There is no distraction of color and the photograph has more "character". My portraits are minimalistic in form as well, just as my landscapes are.




Jeroen den Uijl, 2021